AccuPyc 1330



AccuPyc 1330



The AccuPyc 1330 Pycnometer is a fast, fully automatic density analyzer that provides high-speed, high-precision volume and density measurements on a wide variety of materials including powders, objects, and slurries. The AccuPyc completes most analyses in 2 to 3 minutes without sacrificing accuracy by using a gas displacement technique for measurement.


  • Measures the absolute density of solids and slurries having volumes from 0.1 to 100 mL
  • Completely automatic operation
  • Capable of measuring open-and closed-cell foam materials with Optional FoamPyc software
  • MultiVolume option allows analysis of a large variety of sample sizes
  • Temperature-control version allows analysis at user-selectable temperatures
  • Glove box model allows analysis in controlled environments

Analysis Technique

The AccuPyc works by measuring the amount of displaced gas. The pressures observed upon filling the sample chamber and then discharging it into a second empty chamber allow computation of the sample solid phase volume. Gas molecules rapidly fill the tiniest pores of the sample; only the truly solid phase of the sample displaces the gas.

A sample chamber of 1 cc, 10 cc, or 100 cc can be selected to provide the best fit with your samples. The run precision mode allows you to achieve high repeatability. The instrument automatically purges water and volatiles from the sample and then repeats the analysis until successive measurements converge upon a consistent result.


Sample Chamber Small, 1-cm model: 1.2 cm I.D. x 1.1 cm long (with insert: 0.9 cm I.D x 0.8 cm long)
Standard, 10-cm Model: 1.82cm I.D. x 3.93 cm long
(0.72 in. I.D. x 1.57 in. long)
Large, 100-cm Model: 6.8 cm I.D. x 6.31 cm long (1.92 in I.D. x 2.48 in. long)
Precision: Typical reproducibility to within (0.01% of the nominal full-scale sample chamber volume. Guaranteed reproducibility to within )0.02% of the nominal full-scale volume on clean, dry, thermally equilibrated samples.
Accuracy: Accurate to within 0.03% of reading plus 0.03% of nominal full-scale sample chamber volume.
Gases: Research grade helium is recommended. If unavailable, use helium with a dewpoint of 67 °C -88 °F or lower. Carbon dioxide, dry air, nitrogen, etc. can also be used for specific applications.
Electrical: Voltage: 90 to 264 VAC
Power: 30 VA
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Physical: Width: 53 cm (12 in.)
Height 18 cm (7 in.)
Depth: 36 cm (14 in.)
Weight 19 kg (38 lbs)
Miscellaneous: ISO 9001 manufacturer
CE certified



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