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PsS & Advantech Manufacturing



Wire cloth measurement traceable to NIST

Serialised for traceability

Die-formed frames assure fit and superior quality

Guaranteed to meet applicable ASTM, ISO, and ANSI specifications

Accurate Sieve Openings

ATM Corporation's new custom-designed image analyser based optical measurement system assures opening sizes and wire diameters of wire cloth used for testing sieves. This image analyser is the core of our Centerline Sieve Measurement System which is fully traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Serialised for Full Traceability

All ATM Test Sieves are serialised to meet the need of quality assurance systems for traceability of measurement devices. The serial number on each sieve, contained in a bar-coded label, allows tracing:

  • when your sieve was manufactured
  • which lot of wire was used to manufacture the sieve
  • when your sieve was shipped, including all pertinent information from your purchase order.

Included with each ATM Testing Sieve is a Certificate of Compliance to all applicable ASTM, ISO and ANSI specifications bearing the serial number of your sieve and the shipment date. Our goal is to support and augment your quality system.

Certified Sieve Media

Premium wire cloth used in ATM Test Sieves is certified to meet applicable requirements set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) eg. ASTM spec. E-11 .

sonic_sifter Full Line of Sieve Sizes and Wire Cloth Available

  • US Standard Testing Sieves in 8 inch (203.2mm) and 12 inch (304.8mm) diameters.
  • Brass or stainless steel seamless frames, pans, extended rim pans and sieve covers.
  • For 8 inch (203.2mm) diameter sizes, full height 2 inch (50.8mm) depth to cloth frames are available.
  • For 12 inch (304.8mm) diameter sizes, half height 2 inch (50.8mm) depth to cloth frames are available.
  • ATM Test Sieves are individually packaged in a plastic bag inside a sturdy carton suitable for sieve storage.
  • ATM can also produce special sieves with perforated plate or various industrial and international wire cloth specifications at your request.

Complete Support Services

A qualified support staff (active in ASTM, ISO, ANSI and other industry groups) is available to you for consultation and assistance on topics ranging from sampling powders for testing and optimisation work on testing new powders to the performance of referee tests to settle disputes between buyers and sellers of powders.




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