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Particle and Surface Sciences Australia (PsS™) are the sole distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand for the Micromeritics range of instrumentation.

Micromeritics provides a complete line of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment targeted exclusively for areas of application and research involving particle science and particle technology, including the expanding area of nanoscience. Particle size analyzers employ laser diffraction, sedimentation, and electrozone sensing. Physical adsorption and mercury porosimetry instruments determine surface area and porosity. Material density can be determined by gas pycnometry and solids displacement. Chemical adsorption techniques are used to determine the active area of catalysts, metal dispersion, and surface energy. Temperature-programmed chemisorption (TPD, TPR, TPO) techniques are utilized in the chemisorption product line.

Particle size, surface area, pore size, material density, and active surface area are characteristics that are crucial to the understanding of a variety of materials. This knowledge is essential in the development of products, the efficient utilization of raw materials, and the understanding of many natural phenomena. Pharmacology, cosmetics, nanotechnology, paints, pigments, food science, ceramics, textiles, geological science, and polymer science are some of the areas of science and technology that rely on Micromeritics' instruments to determine the physical characteristics of powders and solid materials.

The staff at PsS consist of highly knowledgeable scientists here to help you determine which type of analysis or technique is best suited for your particular application.

Particle Characterisation : Product Categories

Particle Size

Saturn II 5205
Sedigraph III 5120
Elzone 5390
Mastertech 052

Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution

Tristar 3020
ASAP 2020
Gemini VII
FlowSorb III
FlowPrep 060
VacPrep 061


Autochem II 2920
ASAP 2020

Mercury Porosity

Autopore IV


Accupyc 1340
Autopore IV  

Technical Documentation

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