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PsS & MipOy

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Particle emissions

piiputsmallImportant to measure
People are exposed to many different type of disturbances for example particles in the air. Particles are noticed to have direct harmful affect on health. Process Industry is the main source of particle emissions. In many countries continues control of the emissions is a foundation for operations of plants.


Measuring equipment since 1988
MIP Electronics Oy is a professional supplier of particle emission measuring equipment. We have worked on this business since 1988, when we delivered the first equipment to our customers. Currently MIP is one of the leading manufacturers of the optical dust and opacity monitors. Measuring equipment that relies on optical transmission principles has gained success in international markets. We have delivered our equipment already to 30 countries in different parts of the world.

International products
Almost 100% of our particle monitor production goes to export. Half of the production goes to the market in USA, where our customers are the largest energy companies in the world. We have delivered nearly 1000 systems worldwide.

We have 7 different models in our collection with options of additional operations, so we can offer a suitable model to the most of the needs.




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