Check Spheres 



Check Spheres are an inexpensive particle size standard designed for daily use to confirm the performance of most types of particle size analysers. They are manufactured to the same tolerances as more expensive certified reference materials.

The Spheres are supplied at a 1% concentration which is considerably higher than most certified materials thus the amount required to carry out the check is less and substantially more checks can be carried out.

They are available in a range of discrete sizes from 1µm (micron) to 140um.  (see below)

The Spheres are manufactured using the “Ugelstad-process” and are extremely monisized, producing CV’s of less than 3% on the main peak of the distribution.

Each package of PsS Check Spheres contains a Certificate of Calibration . A Certificate of Traceability to NIST is available upon request (at an extra cost). 


Particle Composition


Particle Density:

Less Than 10um is 1% Concentration

Size Ranges:

1um, 3um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 40um, 80um, 140um


Extremely monosized with a CV<3% on the main peakUtilises the “Ugelstad-process”

Bottle Sizes:


Expiration Date:

= 24 months


Dispersant, Anti-Bacterial Re-agent

Package Includes:

Certificate of Calibration NIST Traceability Certificates are available upon request (at an extra cost)

Storage & Handling:

Store at room temperature or refrigerated. Keep bottle tightly sealed to avoid contamination.

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