PsS Service Support

Maintenance Services Available

An important aspect of any decision to purchase a sophisticated scientific instrument is the after sales support which is available. PsS have a strong commitment to ensuring customer's needs are satisfied throughout the life of their instrument purchase. In addition to the applications support provided through our Applications Laboratory Service, support is also available by fully trained and experienced engineers .

To help the customer to plan their maintenance requirements, a complete range of service contracts are available to meet customer needs. From Preventative Maintenance contracts to fully comprehensive service contracts that cover all aspects of instrument support. Customised contracts for remote customers are also available.

There is a service plan to suit your needs.

Single PMI
  1. Single on-demand service visit.
  2. Replacement of Consumables.
  3. Analysis with Reference Material.
  1. Two scheduled service visits per year.
  2. Replacement of consumables.
  3. Analysis with Reference Materials.
  1. Two scheduled service visits per year.
  2. Replacement of consumables.
  3. Analysis with reference Materials.
  4. Two emergency service call-outs.
  5. 20% discount on additional parts.
  1. Designed to suit your unique needs.
  2. Lets you build in flexibility at an affordable price.

What do I get with a PsS Service Plan?

Systemic Inspection

Factory trained technicians calibrate your PsS supported instrument, replacing worn valves, seals, gaskets, tubing and fittings where required and then test the various assemblies including pumps, valves, and gauges for proper function. The entire systematic process of testing, diagnosing, and servicing helps to ensure that your instrument will continue to produce precise, accurate and consistent results all year long.

Technical Support

You can receive technical information upon request by phone or fax, including the latest troubleshooting solutions and upgrade information.

Quick Response and Quality Workmanship

You can expect prompt attention from highly skilled service technicians who have extensive diagnostic and repair experience with PsS instruments.

 Less Paperwork

When you need service, having a PsS service plan budgeted and in place reduces the paperwork associated with purchased orders, check request documentation, and billing codes.

Lower Costs

You can receive discounts on selected parts and labour. The scheduled maintenance plan is designed to keep your PsS supported instrument up and running so you avoid costly downtime and unexpected bills.


If you would like more information about a PsS service plan, please feel free to contact us at

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