POLA 2000™ Particle Counter for Oil and Aqueous Liquids

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The POLA 2000 is a robust particle counter designed for counting particles in various liquids using laser light obscuration


Hydraulic Fluids
Used Oils
Cell Counting
Biological Applications



Simple to use.
Portable with Built-In Carry Handle.
Robust IP54 Certified Enclosure.
User Adjustable Size channels over the required size range.
Constant pump speed regardless of viscosity.
25ml/min Flow Rate
Size range 2um—150um
Can be calibrated ISO 11171 reporting (ISO 4406) or SAE AS4059
Standard for Hydraulic Fluids
Also Calibrated using Latex for aqueous applications.
Windows Software.

20um and 40um Latex

20um and 40um Latex


Size Range: 2 micron to 150 microns
Flow Rate: 25 ml/min
Channels: User Adjustable >50 size intervals
Standards: Reporting ISO 11171, (ISO 4406:1999) , SAE AS4059D
Latex Calibration: Typically 8 points
Sample Volume: User Selectable up to 1 Litre
PC Connection: USB
Temperature Range: 0-50oC
Humidity: Non-Condensing
Power Input: 240/110V DC
Laser Source: Class 3R
Laser ? = 635nm,
max power <5mV
Weight: 7.0 kg

         ISO Analysis on Clean Oil

ISO Analysis on Clean Oil

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