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Aerosol Filter Testing – HEPA Filters

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Particle and Surface Sciences are pleased to announce that DOP Solutions has enabled PsS™ to provide a complete solution for filter and cleanroom testing.

DOP Solutions provide a complete solution to all clean air industry sectors for their filter and cleanroom testing requirements.

HEPA filters are installed in many environments and process applications, but the method for testing them is well recognised and followed across the world.

An aerosol generator is used to produce an oil aerosol that is introduced into the airstream that is going to pass through the HEPA filter to be tested, and an aerosol photometer is used to measure the amount of aerosol upstream and downstream of the filter. The result gives the performance of the HEPA filter reported and identifies if any leaks are present in the frame, seals or media. Ancillary equipment is required to inject, mix and sample the aerosol such as positive injection pumps, injection ports, sparge pipes, sample ports and scanning probes.

Lighthouse particle counters and real-time contamination monitoring systems are also distributed by Particle and Surface Sciences throughout Australia and New Zealand. PsS™ offers the most complete line of contamination monitoring solutions available that include Airborne Particle Counts, Liquid Particle Counts, Airborne Molecular Contamination, Mass Concentration Levels, Electrostatic Charge (ESD) monitoring instruments, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Total Organic Carbon monitoring and much more. These solutions are now found in semiconductor, data storage, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace and defense industry facilities worldwide.

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