Particle Shape

Industry experts, especially pharmaceutical, are now looking to characterize particle shape in addition to particle size, to gain a better understanding of how shape can effect the various properties of a product.  More are recognizing the significance of particle shape and size as well as their impact on the physical characteristics of many particulate materials. 

The ability to accurately analyse and characterize particle shape and size by image analysis can significantly improve your company’s manufacturing efficiency.  It can also improve product performance for maximum effectiveness.

Recently, the use of image analysis is increasingly being recognized as the most reliable technique to characterize particle shape and also to characterize a particle size and volume distribution. Traditional methods such as laser diffraction, although highly efficient, give limited information on particle shape, proving image analysis as the best tool for performing particle analysis.

The PsS POLA 3000TM uses a synchronous strobe light source and a CCD to continuously capture images of the particles in motion.  A particle classification by particle size, aspect ratio and shape factors are possible.

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Last Updated on Monday, 22 November 2010 23:25