PsS Company Profile


Within Australia and New Zealand there are many companies who distribute Particle Characterisation Systems. The majority of them also sell a wide range of unassociated products, which makes it very difficult to offer the high level of specialist technical support which is required to maintain those systems.

Particle and Surface Sciences Pty. Limited ( PsS ) was established to correct this imbalance and offer the customer a higher level of specialist technical support than is normally experienced.

PsS has a Mission Statement which clearly defines our objectives

"Particle and Surface Sciences shall strive to provide excellence in Sales, Service and Technical Support of the specialist Scientific Instruments to specialist Scientific Markets"

For PsS to achieve this, both expertise in personnel and cutting edge technology products are essential.

PsS has over 15 years Particle Characterisation experience within the organisation, much of which has been gained overseas.

All of the principal Agencies represented, are known for their quality and leadership in their instrument design.

Micromeritics were the inventors of the first commercial Surface Area Analyser over 30 years ago and have maintained their market leadership.

Ankersmid Particle analysis, particle size and particle shape monitoring with laser.  Supplying the latest In-Lab particle analysers and taylored solutions for on-line and add-line particle size and shape analysis.

As part of our objective to provide a complete service to the customer, PsS has a complete Analytical Laboratory for the analysis of customer samples in either a consultancy or support role. Offices are established in Gosford, and full service support facilities are available, which includes a wide range of Service Contracts.

As part of our continued expansion, PsS have introduced a PsS Product Range of particle analysis equipment and accessories.  For more information and free advice, please contact us at the addresses below.



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